Financial Market Events


PERICULUM 2.0 is the mock stock event of INSIGHT’18 but with a twist. This event creates a macro-environment with the innumerable factors within a controlled environment giving the participants a realistic taste of DALAL STREET. This event deals in the equity and derivative market where trades are for pure speculative purposes. The aim is to create the strongest portfolio through smart and calculated risks.

Investor’s Dilemma

This event is kind of a debate among the participants on the topic: Which approach to trading is better – FUNDAMENTAL OR TECHNICAL. The event also tests the participant’s skills on valuing a particular company by using their financial expertise and technical know-how. It must be noted that the structure of the event is not solely a debate. It is a combination of a group discussion and debate as in there are two separate groups each of them having a different stand implying a debating situation.


Contrived from the origin of financial planning how a financial planner pulls off money by putting in sound noesis of finance and grows his capital. In creating their recommendations and plans, financial planners may review all relevant aspects of a client’s situation across a breadth of financial planning activities, including inter-relationships among often conflicting objectives. In doing so he uses various financial tools.

Recruiters Regime

Well, these are just the starters. A survey found that most of the students in their second year of under graduation and forth face a complex as and when they hear words like these. We all are so worried and unfamiliar with this process that we find it frightening! And that’s why we fail to realize how effortless it can be.
With the help of this event, we aim to provide you, your greatest opportunity to hack in to the complex and perplexing regime of recruitment and selection and rule out all your ambiguity and anxieties, which you’ve been holding on for some while now.
We aspire to make you competent and confident enough to face each stage of the recruitment and selection process without any fear and have a sure shot every time

Corporate Events

Corporate milap (milap in hindi)

The event is designed to impart the knowledge of M&A scenario and test the aptitude skills of the participants as they pass through successive rounds. The participants will be tested on the ability to study the financials of the companies and negotiation skills. They will be expected to study the documents of various companies provided to them and identify their business synergies. The resulting formation of a merger helps the final participant achieve the title of ‘merger king’.

Plan It Right!

From constantly changing your to-do lists to keeping your client happy is challenging for some and daunting for others. At Plan It Right, we provide the participants an ecosystem that gives a fun and meaningful learning experience to future event planners by involving them in a series of tasks pertaining to the industry. The two rounds focus on enhancing the planning skills of the participants and help them become efficient event planners.

Gafla 2.0

Allegations of hurting consumer’s sentiments, is upon you. Media is furious full of questions. Stakeholders are disappointed. Pressure is building as the clock is ticking. Think twice before you speak, but think before they speak. In this dense fog of criticism and controversy, are you bold enough to hold your ground and fend off the media monsters?

Economic Events

Newtons Cradle 2.0

Action Reaction! Every incident has a story, .a mystery..! So guys use your creativity and knowledge to join the broker and show a different scenario to the world! We hereby present before you NEWTON’S CRADLE where you connect the end and the beginning to form a new era, a new reason and a new purpose.


“A NEW PROFIT MAKING OPPORTUNITY HAS SPRUNG UP IN RAILWAYS” Devised from the roots of privatisation, this event provides you an opportunity to step into the boots of the chief of a private company who has one potential chance to earn a profit making business contract in the Indian Railways

Credito Escala

Ride into the world of economics and experience how the Big Three’s i.e. S&P’s, Moody’s and Fitch rate the SOVEREIGNS. Have a chance to interact with one of the top credit rating executives and explore the river of knowledge! You will yourself have a chance to rate the sovereigns like a real credit rating company and give your views and opinions on the economies of major countries of the world!


“NEVER INTERRUPT YOUR ENEMY WHEN HE IS MAKING A MISTAKE” Inspired from the roots of the game Shatranj, a game that has been a legacy since the inception of time, this event puts you in a Arthashastric Armageddon blended with various twists and turn. Come experience and get thrilled in the world of chess! You yourself will be the chessmen and conquer the whole game! For the first time in INSIGHT, introducing THE HUMAN CHESS!

Informal Events

MoneyBall - Ethereum

Insight is back with it’s most awaited event this year. Gear up soccer enthusiasts because this event will have you running on your feet. The three rounds are constructed to test your fund management, investment and FIFA’17 skills. Get ready football fanatics, it’s time to play hard or go home.

Inquizitive - Ripple

The pressure is on you, keep your hands steady on the buzzer and race against the bulls. Tackle the most challenging questions and prove that you can survive the battle of the wits.

Murder Mystery - Bitcoin

A weapon dipped in innocent blood, witnesses with stories to tell, the clock is on the run while a murderer is on loose. Wear your Sherlock hats and solve the trail of clues. Can you get to the murderer before he gets to you?

JAM - Ethereum

Can you make it through sixty seconds of non-stop talking without hesitation, repetition, or deviation? Or will the sheer pressure make you crumble and have your competitors pounce on you in an instant? Your backs against the wall, do as we say or you will have to pay. Gear up for this "not-so-standard" JAM.

Debating events

Asian Parliamentary Debate - Bitcoin

'Dont raise your voice, improve your argument.' Do you have it in you to put your thoughts on the ice and enter the heat of debate? This is the platform for you! We are back with our Asian Parliamentary Debate with a bang.
Core of Parliamentary Debate :
Mr. Moulik Srivastava - Hindu College
Ms. Heena Dabke - IIT Bombay
Mr. Abhishek Gore - IIT Bombay

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